What are we made of?  When we look inward we see that our bodies are the elements  – we can know ourselves as Fire, as Earth, as Water and as Air. We can discover that beyond the confines of our conditioned self there is a mass of potential and this potential knows how to move us if we let it. We see that the same creative energy that gave birth to the universe lives inside us. 

Its easy to see this in dance where we can assert our own idea of movement over something that feels more natural to us. That never looks or feels as good as when we surrender to this untainted intelligence inside of us that knows how we really want to move. Inevitably though and perhaps also because of the nature of this cosmic game;  we get in our own way and block the very life force that is in service of our most intimate desires.

The irony of the idea of a journey is that the destination is both ‘now’ and ‘tomorrow’. There is work to do on ourselves and we do need to develop and grow. But it also helps us to recognize the unchangeable force that is our birthright and our original identity. In tandem they can walk, where the ego is nothing more or less than a convenient framework through which to express the divine sparks that we are.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.
Joseph Campbell

Deep in our hearts is the desire to take the ultimate journey, the hero’s journey –  to really drop into our lives and see what we are really made of. Our purpose is to support this movement in our clients, an ever deepening surrender to the truth in the soul, to walk the path of the heart and to use the intelligence of the mind.