What are we made of?  When we look inward we see that our bodies are the elements  – we can know ourselves as Fire, as Earth, as Water and as Air. We can discover that beyond the confines of our conditioned self there is a mass of potential and this potential knows how to move us if we let it. We see that the same creative energy that gave birth to the universe lives inside us. 

Its easy to see this in dance where we can assert our own idea of movement over something that feels more natural to us. That never looks or feels as good as when we surrender to this untainted intelligence inside of us that knows how we really want to move. Inevitably though and perhaps also because of the nature of this cosmic game;  we get in our own way and block the very life force that is in service of our most intimate desires.

The irony of the idea of a journey is that the destination is both ‘now’ and ‘tomorrow’. There is work to do on ourselves and we do need to develop and grow. But it also helps us to recognize the unchangeable force that is our birthright and our original identity. In tandem they can walk, where the ego is nothing more or less than a convenient framework through which to express the divine sparks that we are.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.
Joseph Campbell

Deep in our hearts is the desire to take the ultimate journey, the hero’s journey –  to really drop into our lives and see what we are really made of. Our purpose is to support this movement in our clients, an ever deepening surrender to the truth in the soul, to walk the path of the heart and to use the intelligence of the mind.

What we do

The Enneagram helps us to know what kind of patterns to look out for. i.e. rooted in shame, fear or anger and the motivations behind them. Once we have this information, we can get a better handle on our subconscious programs. We work with ongoing groups as well as private coaching.

More about our Enneagram offerings here.

The sweat consists of four rounds, each honouring an element. We open and close with prayer. In each round we sit, meditate, sing, receive insight and healing and pray more.

more about the sweat lodge here.

Shamanic family constellations is psychotherapy that treats body, mind and emotions through the soul. Combination of Native American and African Magical Arts.

More about family constellations here.

The intention is to give ourselves back to the intelligence of the body and deepen our discovery of who we are and what our purpose is. Here we can be moved by the medicine and spirit so that we can receive the insight and healing we may need.

more about the dance here.

Who we are

Ryan Klette

Ryan (preservation 4 on the enneagram) has had a passion for human development and spirituality for as long as he can remember. He is a longstanding student of the Enneagram, integral theory and spiral dynamics. These maps have contributed immensely to his understanding of how we develop and what we need to focus on to be healthier, happier people – in essence well rounded.

More about us here.

Leeane Chalice Klette

Leeane Chalice (social 6 on the enneagram) has been working with health and wellness since the age of 17. Over the last two decades she has offered private and group therapy; these include counselling, body work, herbal medicines, aromatherapy, sweat lodge, dance and women’s work. In recent years she started working with family constellations and the enneagram.

Feedback from our clients

truly magical experience

This was a truly magical experience. It felt, as I moved into the week, that I was still dancing the elements, still kicking up dust, still under the trees! To be held in this sacred circle by Ryan and Leeane, Amanda and Willem and everyone present was such a blessing. I loved dancing with the medicine.

Wendy Ward

Profoundly healing

do your soul a favour and come to this sacred dance. Profoundly healing.

Dakini Shima, Tantra Teacher

blessed experience

Wow… so honoured and privileged to have such a blessed experience with two of the most amazing souls! Highly recommend JourneyWork!
Bless bless bless ! 😀

Taylor Reed

Highly recommend

Amazing family constellation work. Would highly recommend. Thank you Leeane and Ryan🙏

Krinell Govender

Delicacy is the best word to describe the work

I have been so blessed to have crossed paths with JourneyWork, and have done a fair amount of work with both Leeane and Ryan in the last few years.
I first met these two sincere human beings when I came for my first sweat lodge – and I totally fell in the Love with the way they work with so much integrity, support and compassion.
I recently did a private constellation with Leeane – DELICACY is the best word to describe the work Leeane did with me. It was a sensitive topic, a deep wound, and Leeane held both me and the Space with such gentleness. It allowed me to go deeper into my process around that particular wound than I’ve ever been able to do.
I feel we are all very honoured to have Ryan and Leeane doing this Work on our Beloved Planet at this time ♡

Nena Bean

Still in awe of my insight from the family constellation

Still in awe of my insight from the family constellation at the skyfest! It was and still is mind boggling! The accuracy with which my situation was laid out in front of my eyes by strangers has made it so clear what really is going on and the gentle guidance by the facilitators was the healing touch I was yearning for. Thanks so much!!

Tatjana Hayward

Restoring our faith – Elemental dance

Just wanted to say thank you to you and Leeane for restoring our faith in plant medicine (amongst many other things).

Desire Smit

Nirushka on our 7 week initiation program

I had been to many psychologists, leaving many sessions feeling like I had invested so much time and money and still feeling like I had achieved nothing in trying to overcome my depression and anxiety. I had often felt the sessions to be cold and impersonal. The antidepressants were cutting me off from my own emotions and left me feeling subdued, mechanical and lifeless.

Ryan and Leeane offered me more than just help with my anxiety and depression. They offered me a lifestyle and led me towards myself and my own inner guidance. They really took the time and tenderness to find out who I am as an individual and the core of my essence. I don’t think I have met any 2 human beings so giving of their love and support. They have been absolutely dedicated in their purpose to be a catalyst for healing.

For 7 weeks working with them, I felt an outstanding amount of support and compassion from Ryan and Leeane as I weaned off my medication. For the first time I had felt understood and treasured as they guided me out of fear and despair.

9 Weeks on and I feel like I understand myself better, with clearer insight into my patterns of conditioning and a full sense of responsibility over my life. They have given me tools that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

Thank you Ryan and Leeane for all you do and the massive amount of support and love you’ve shown me. I will treasure this experience for a lifetime.


Nirushka Kollopen

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