Clean slate

I sometime wonder about the possibility of a clean slate, no baggage in the moment – just completely open and uninfluenced by ideas rooted in the past of who I think I am. Can you imagine a clean slate, to start again right now, to get off that repetitive clock, to unhook from the mind ..
First what’s here in this moment
Before looking outside of it in time, look in.
What is here now ?
Where are my resources ? what makes me feel good, what do I need that I may not be giving myself. A glass of water maybe, could be a little rest or the body might need a stretch …
Gather some strength and then go
Sun moon stars
Breathing air
Breathe in …
Feel- imagine
Earth underneath me
Sky above
Ancestors behind and new generations ahead
I am part of the fabric of life.
I belong. I am worthy. I am Safe. I am whole. I am protected. I am loved.

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