moment of nothing

Whats wrong with a moment of nothing I asked myself when I somehow mistakenly fell into one today and found myself simply sitting in a chair. The back seat chatter of my mind told me that surely I can’t just sit here for a moment – thats not ok when everyone else seems to in the busyness of the day!
The moment I allowed myself to just be sitting was the same moment I realized how much was going on inside me that I was neglecting to attend to in the guise of busy-ness. A whole day, week, month of running – getting away from those uncomfortable feelings. Just a little insert here, I usually do mediate most days and so consider myself at least partly up to date. But moments like these when I catch myself in the middle of the day show me just how much of my experience I can keep at bay for the sake of all things I think I need do. And if I am really honest with myself, I know I would probably get a whole lot more done in a space of ease if I incorporated more of this ‘nothingness’ in my day. Thats because nothingness is also really pure potential, a place of renewal and coming home to our deeper nature. Here I can infuse myself with the memory of who I am and allow that to lead me on.
The essence of a well used nothing moment shows me that most of my worries are unfounded and really, life’s pretty good when I fall back into the lap of the universe.
tip = allow experience as it is. These nothing moments are best lived when we give up our resistance to life as it is arising – no exceptions and that includes thoughts, feelings, sensations and what ever else shows up inside of us – just allow and see how good it feels to let go and be. See how quickly life can change when we step out the way.

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