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One ‘big’ glimpse

If we want to be more in the flow of our own life energy, its a good idea to flex our muscles of attention from time to time. If you can establish a regular practice, even better because it is really easy to fall off centre and get lost in the habitual patterns of mind.

That’s why we do ceremony or ritual because its based in simple repetitive acts that have the effect of creating new habits that serve a higher good than the ones we are running. We can reign our minds in and regain some control so that we can harness our focus. The alternative, is to allow it to be drained by the myriad of distractions awaiting us in everyday life. Where or to what is life calling me into? we might ask. When I really listen, what do I discover in a silent moment?

Its both good and bad news in a way because when we start waking up to this, we begin to see how much of our lives we spend being on the run or another way to look at it – ‘run’ by our patterning. Its like that in a way – when we are not awake to ourselves, it means that something else has our attention that we are not aware of or awake to. As ruthless as it may seem, we have to admit that we are in a kind of sleep in those moments.

That’s why we practice holding our attention steady for any portion of time on one single thing like the breath. Its a practice you can do anytime. It just depends on one thing – your attention. Anchoring in this moment and listening – there we can get a glimpse into just how much more sacred everything is than it can seem. This kind of glimpse can take us into an awe like state where everything, no matter what has a fascinating quality about it. Here we return to our innocence, in this place we can really listen and what life speaks will come pouring through if we let it.

It does however mean meeting the sensations that we spend our lives getting away from and have perfected the art of keeping at bay. A willingness to engage the silence for a time, in a way that stretches us step by step is the antidote to our fear and insecurity. Over time little glimpses more often can lure us back into a daily engagement with life in a way where are more online than off . Here we can truly wake up to this burning flame inside, the one that passed all the way down our ancestral line and ended right now with the life that is on our lap. What then?

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