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Family constellations, the Why?

The key is that in order for us to move forward we have to accept and embrace our destiny [which in many ways is seriously out of our control].  Just look to the past and think of the momentum behind you – to think that we could somehow just stop this force and do it differently sounds like delusional thinking.

As we do this (accept our lives as they are)  we show up without our usual resistances, both seen and unseen. This frees us up to move in collaboration with our highest potential, which is life itself. Easier said than done because many of the ways we resist our destiny are deeply unconscious. We have taken on patterns that reinforce the destiny of our family systems rather than the potentials that we as individuals can fulfill, if and when we entangle ourselves from our [unconscious] loyalties to unhealthy dynamics in the system.  We did this out of love so there is no need to judge ourselves for taking on what was never ours to take. It is our choice though if we wish to lighten our load and step into the full potential of our life.

The question is, can you do it differently?  And part of the answer that the choice is ours but also that will alone is unlikely get us very far. We might proclaim to the stars that we want it to be different but until we confront the places in ourselves that we are most resistant to, we will not find the traction we are  looking for.

We have to be willing only to surrender control so that we can see what we need to see and go where we don’t want to go.

All of a sudden, we find the step we’ve been longing for!

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