fiery messages from our grandmothers

“character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.”

Yousof Karsh

Back in the Sweat lodge this past Sunday.

Blazing stones,  fiery messages from our grandmothers

Be humble they tell us, don’t act it. be it

How? Question your stories  and remember your place I hear them say

You belong just like the stars and the trees 

Be humble they say so that we you can hear what you need to hear. And it so often  turns out not to be what I think I need to hear. That’s the beauty, its intelligence beyond our thinking that speaks to us, connected in and through our ancestors and all life.

Regardless of where I am in my life, its one place in can always come back to knowing I will be received just as I am.

Keep coming back they say so that you can hear from your heart.

Make yourself small so you can remember how big you are.

Go into that dark cave and remember who you are.

Keep listening, this adventure never ends but if we want to follow our soul path, it’s our place we need to acknowledge.  Our right  place, not any more or less then what we are. 

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