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Healthy in relationship

A simple moment that reminds us of who we are together and what we have to be grateful for. It was a kind of therapy in itself to step back and look at us. Thank you Belinda Elrix (@Kiki’s vintage studios) for capturing this special moment.

For us, Maintain health in our relationship means attending to the foundations so that we understand the ways we drift apart so that we can bring ourselves back to the focal point, which is to nourish and attend to the relationship as an entity on its own.

If I am motivated in one direction that contradicts or minimizes my partner then she might give up hope and start loosing her focal point and visa versa. Healthy relationship means we need keep coming back to the foundation at least every once and a while and keep a check that we are still walking in the same direction. We are both changing all the time so in order for us to stay on track, we must open a space for clear and honest communication.

If we don’t do this then the surface starts to look a little (or a lot) emotional and irrational but again, is usually explained by underlying dynamics. For us, its always about tuning back in and that means listening to each other and taking perspectives that can feel down right foreign to our own. That’s also where the growth and fruit of the relationship is. Although it can feel challenging, we can be grateful for the opportunity!

What is needed is simply to hear where my partner is coming from and to invite them to share what is most important for them. If this is held in a kind way, there is always space for ‘us’ to come online again and regain traction in the relationship.

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