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Yemanja 02.02.2020 Medicine Dance

We came together on an auspicious date 02 02 2020 to dance with the waters of life. Surrendering ourselves to the current that moves us rather than ‘we’ feeling like the ones who need to move it.

Often we hear people say something like:  “Dance! Who me ?? I’m not a dancer”  but in our experience there couldn’t be anything further from the truth. And inevitably those folks that doubted their inner dancer come to us afterwards with a big smile.

An apt quote born in Native American culture give some clues about why we dance. Here goes:

To dance is to pray,

to pray is to heal,

to heal is to give,

to give is to live,

And to live is to dance.

Marijo Moore

We feel this in every fiber of our being when we really give ourselves back to the dance, to this force  inside that is a free of conditioning. And we include all of it too –  all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”, the ways we have learnt to hold ourselves in particular ways that don’t feel natural.  Our awkwardness’s, shame and guilt about who we are and what we are doing. All the anger and sadness that takes hold and shapes our body. All of it, we can give back to movement and trust the intelligence of our bodies to move it in all the ways we need.

That’s true surrender, trusting Spirit or a force beyond ourselves and then following the body, not the head and seeing where that takes us. Invariably it moves us toward our pain for a very good reason – because that pain is in the body somewhere and limits our life force. By engaging it we reclaim little pieces of ourselves that we left behind. We can become more integrated, more alive, more of who we are just by this simple act of giving ourselves back to the dance.

So we let the waters wash over our spirits as we give ourselves back to the intelligence inside, unbroken and alive it shows us the way 🙏🌵🐬

More about the Medicine dance here.

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