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Helen Palmer’s essential practice:

To stay with one thing (like the breath) only until you receive impressions. If you relax down in the body, you can find a place where you can be carried by the breath. Your whole job is to do nothing. Be carried, in and down. Our choice to come back to the empty place inside ourselves and be open to nothing at all which opens an interior space of silence. Its a short road to intuition.

The more difficult choice however, is to come to this place when suffering occurs. To be able relax into nothing at the very point where the suffering of the passion arises. We all have this resource in ourselves, to be able to change state at will from the conditioned to the intuitive. When we are in a more intuitive state, we are open and receptive and able to meet our experience as it is. That way we give it the possibility of allowing cycles in us to complete.

For Helen Palmer, this is the key point. Can you come back to yourself when it counts the most, catching the suffering as it arises and summoning up the courage to stay present with it, allowing it to be in the light of awareness so that new paths can be forged. So that one small step at a time we are a little less prone to the unconscious forces of the patterns that run us – the origin of free will you might say.

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