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The thing I am least likely to do

The thing I am least likely to do may be the thing I most need to do. For me its often taking some rest, sitting back in a chair or lying down, being present with my body. Might also be walking in the garden, doing some writing or meditating, they are all experiences that my intuitive mind would guide me toward. I also think that it is even more important for me to do the least likely thing in times of stress.

What is in the way is my normal frame which is virtually inescapable when I am in the thick of it. This normal frame, also called default mode network in neuroscience keeps driving us along the same pathways, familiar patterns that lead to know outcomes. Why might we want to get off this track from time to time?

Because our intuitive minds offers us a whole set of options that simply aren’t available to us when the default mode network is online. Options which are invaluable to us in the ways they keep us connected to our life force and moving with that rather than the driver inside our heads. This intelligence inside that moves us beyond the mind but also includes the mind.

To my calculating mind the least likely thing seems totally pointless. That’s because often the most appropriate action is the one without a fixed direction but rather a relaxing back and listening, a kind of play time purely for the activity itself .

To my ego, relax can feel like a kind of torture. Relax ??  How will  I get everything done and fix all the problems that will eventually give me some peace. So I must drive it tells me and don’t stop. And here we are in what feels like a forced kind of collective stop. What choice is there? We can keep on fighting, as we do in the web of daily life or we can take a deeper pause and pay attention to what’s happening inside ourselves. Paying attention in a way that does not condemn or judge, but rather accepts in kindness. Kind attention turned inward and then naturally outward.

I feel that kindness and curiosity are key qualities to find a good way through the challenges ahead. They both depend on this intuitive mind more so than the calculating one. Make no mistake, the calculating mind is useful for a myriad of reasons but it has its limits and if that is all we rely on then our choices are very limited.

The key is that we integrate. Now is the time to exercise the intuitive mind and do the thing that is most appropriate even though it may go against the grain of the ego drive. As we practice this little bit at a time, our intuitive selves can begin to find some space in our daily lives.

Stop and listen, feel, allow. Stay a little longer.  Breathe. Stay a little longer. Keep on breathing, paying attention. Being present with yourself as you are. Follow the impulses that come, the ones that come beyond the thinking. There the impressions can move us toward the thing that we are least likely to do and most benefit from. From there we can engage our thinking mind again if we need to.

When we get distracted, same principle applies. Be kind and acknowledge that we find ourselves distracted and taken off course. Its normal, we all get it.  Lets  just bring ourselves back to what’s here and live in a more integrated way, with both minds in balance and strong connection with our hearts.

You might ask yourself in a calmer state- What do I fear ?  What’s the worst, go there and stay with it until you make a friend of it and get whats essential in it. Leave the rest and keep walking. In this way we can acknowledge our fears without having to be driven by them.