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Intuitive mind

take a few deep breaths focusing on the exhale. it feels good to hold for a moment before letting it out.

have a blank piece of paper in front of you with a pen in reach. Focus on the space on the paper.

stay for a moment and bring yourself back if you get caught in thought.

feel the space around you, sense the awakeness in the space.

stay here for a moment, with whatever you experience when you focus on this spaciousness.

Then bring your attention to your heart and see if you can find the spaciousness in the heart.

Only a few minutes. quick glimpse and then bring a thread of this back to what you do next. maybe pick up a pen and write a few sentences. See what comes out.

What feels good now? follow … go your speed, stay with your intuition connected with rational mind.

It seems the more we let go, the more we get our way. Maybe not how or what we initially thought but always satisfying for the soul .