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Beyond reserves

Life needs that we respond to everything but more often than not we’re functioning on reserves.

The thing about being on reserve is its easy not to know it and feel that all to familiar impulse to have to push through, from one thing to the next in the hope that we will land somewhere safe.

Ultimately its our security that’s most important,  the sense that we belong and have a place in the world.  But the construct of our ego is set up to  confuse us in some very fundamental ways.  We get a distorted picture of life as it is unfolding and depending on our personality, filter  out what we expect or need to see.

The really important bit is that we also filter out our pain,  not acknowledging how we are being effected by people and situations. Instead relying on our defenses and coping to keep us going. Keep us going they do but often to the detriment of people we care about and perhaps more importantly our relationship with ourselves, who we are and whats most important to us. 

That explains why we can spend much of our life on reserve. Its because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep life out. Instead we can insist on running what feel like safe and familiar patterns that often run against the very life force we say we want. But the only way to really open to life is to be very honest with ourselves and own up as much as we can to who we are and whats running us.  

When we do that, we start to stabilize a place where response if far more possible because we ourselves are resourced by the simple fact that we are running those life depleting patterns a little less. In their absence, its clear to see who we are and what we are connected to. The enormity of that is enough to make any of us tremble in our bootstraps because we recognize, in a visceral way that the power of the whole universe is in each  one of us.  

As Einstein liked to ask, are you with life or against it. Do you believe that Universe supports you or not? everything grows from there.