Leeane Chalice (social 6 on the enneagram) has been working with health and wellness since the age of 17. Over the last two decades she has offered private and group therapy; these include counselling, body work, herbal medicines, aromatherapy, sweat lodge, dance and women’s work. In recent years she started working with family constellations and the enneagram.

Leeane’s studies began in 2000 at the Institute of Natural Health, where she spent 4 years learning various body and herbal therapies that she still continues to incorporate in her work. In later years she continued learning and gaining experience that contributed to her growth during travels throughout South Africa, Australia and Brasil.

In 2018 she qualified in Shamanic Family Constellations and offers private and group therapies with her husband Ryan. In her heart she knows she will continue this transformational work as long as she lives, finding new ways to enjoy life and encourage those searching for a healthy lifestyle and joyful heart. 

Ryan (preservation 4 on the enneagram) has had a passion for human development and spirituality for as long as he can remember. But the reality of what this has become for him is worlds apart from the fantasies he carried at the start of his journey. He did his very best to avoid following his heart for many years. Instead, giving in to those voices that told him not to dream, to find a place soaked in security.

A teacher once told him, “you’re afraid of ground zero Ryan!”. He was in his early twenties and the teacher was right. He spent the next decade or so in a state of debilitating health. The doctors couldn’t explain it. He thinks it may have been the metaphorical kick he needed to take his life more seriously. 

So he studied and practiced, made mistakes and learnt how to get up again. Ryan spent time in India and Brazil learning about active meditation, altered states and human conditioning. He began his vision quests in Brazil in 2010 and since then has been deeply engaged with both shamanism and western psychology. In 2019, he completed his third vision quest initiation, which was 9 days leaving the final 13 day as an ongoing aspiration. 

Ryan has a business degree in Economics (Unisa) and a Masters in Psychology (Wits) specialising in narrative and developmental psychology. He has been an avid student and coach of the enneagram personality system for over 10 years. 

Ryan has also been a longstanding student of integral theory and spiral dynamics. These maps have contributed immensely to his understanding of how we develop and what we need to focus on to be healthier, happier people – in essence well rounded.

Finally, Ryan recently completed his two year training in Shamanic family constellations under Gui (Tantan) Barcellos. He now works with groups and individuals to help people untangle from limiting intergenerational patterns and trauma; And to step more fully into life.