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Durban Elemental Medicine Dance

February 23, 2019


We gather around the sacred fire for 5 rounds of movement, starting with light warm up followed by four elemental rounds where we reconnect with Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

In essence, this is for anyone who is curious about experiencing movement and medicine in a ceremonial format. We surrender ourselves back to the intelligence of the body and fall back into the elements, moving as earth, water, fire and air – moving deeply with how the body is. Here we can be moved by the medicine and spirit so that we can receive insight and healing and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

The dance has a life of its own formed in part by the dancers and therefore can vary considerably in intensity and energy. Naturally Part of the joy of it is meeting and discovering that collective energy and moving with that as well as our own individual expressions. Its an opportunity to release and reconnect with the essence of who we are while being immersed in a kind of group flow.

The design of the ceremony has us form an outer circle of support for the those dancing in the central dance space. We dance in groups and play a kind of tag in each round, i.e. we start with the earth round and the first dancers enter the circle to explore moving with earth while the supporters on the outside hold a safe space. A round lasts about 20-30 min and once complete, dancers find their way back to their group and swap, where they now form support and the next person steps in to move with the element.

* Nb. no dancing/ movement experience needed. This is about finding and expressing your authentic movement. We will be consecrating the grandfather huachuma to help us on our journey with this.

Please feel free to check in with us re exchanges. We also love to invite musicians to complement electronic music.

Suggested contribution: R550 (Limited concessions/ exchanges available). Celebratory soup served afterwards.

Feedback from participants:
“Do your soul a favour and come to this sacred dance. Profoundly healing. ” Dakini Shima, Tantra Teacher

“This was a truly magical experience. It felt, as I moved into the week, that I was still dancing the elements, still kicking up dust, still under the trees! To be held in this sacred circle by Ryan and Leeane, Amanda and Willem and everyone present was such a blessing. I loved dancing with the medicine. ” Wendy Ward

To bring: light loose clothes/ layer up for after and in between. Light lunch/ fruit or nuts to snack on. A journal.

To book or for more info, please contact Ryan:
ryanklette@gmail.com/ 082 552 0619

Venue: TBA

Love Ryan & Leeane


February 23, 2019