In essence this is 21 day self reset. We send you weekly practice exercises that you can use in conjunction with homeopathic doses of SP. You then work these practices into your daily life in an organic way that fits with your daily schedule. All of our practices will be glimpse based meaning they are not time demanding bur rather exercise your ability to bring more attention into all areas of your life.

You might have a specific intention that you want to work with like elevated mood or working an addiction. You might like to nourish a relationship or could be getting more productive/ creative in your work space. What ever it is, this is a chance to give your focus to what is most important to you in this moment of your life.

The overall intention we hold in the group is to work-out our ‘muscles of concentration’ and for 3 weeks pay more attention to ourselves – our bodies, heads and hearts. The program makes use of effective and fluid mindfulness practices to support this intention.

This is not overly effort based or ‘trying’ to change ourselves but rather seeing the changes that naturally happen when we pay more attention in the context of daily living.

We are working with the theme of effortless mindfulness. It means that we grow an organic practice where we don’t feel the weight of having to ‘practice’ but rather cultivate more curiosity and awareness. Practice exercises are mostly somatic/ body based.

The program is free to join. We will be holding a sweat lodge after the process (for those in the JHB area) and encourage participants to join for that.

Three weeks address body – heart – mind.

Week 1 – Enter the body

Week 2 – Heart and emotion

Week 3 – Head and story

We look forward to sharing more with those who feel called to join in!

Further details –
Very important, all the practices we use are designed to be time efficient. We encourage shorter ‘glimpse’ based practices more often rather than longer sitting practices. If you find yourself in really busy days, the process should still be manageable for you.

Its also not about attaining some impossible standard or forcing ourselves into shape. Rather the essential principle is to invite more of your awareness and attention into your daily life and start to get more creative with the potential you find there.

Some people may want extra support/ coaching during the process. Please get in touch with us to arrange either before we start or at any point during the program.