Why initiate ?

We started these programs because we recognise the lack of availability of initiations in modern society. We can draw inspiration from indigenous cultures that tend to have various forms of initiations as standard practice.

Why are these practices so important in these traditions, we might ask ? We believe that everyone has a yearning to grow and become more than we can imagine, to stretch beyond our comfort zones,  shed old skins and grow into new versions of ourselves.

A good initiation process holds a space for us to do this and draws our attention to what we most need to develop in ourselves.  We can initiate in many ways but in essence what we are doing is taking our focus and putting it intentionally to a specific part of our life or opening to a whole sequence of development that spans various areas  – Emotional, spiritual, gender, cognitive, moral, body etc. We have general processes mapped out and also tailor our initiations to the needs of our clients.  It’s a practice, not a once of miracle. We have to keep at it but as we build this muscle of attention it gets easier to stay with the ‘hard stuff’ and then naturally we get to experience more joy as our resistances relax. We are then more open to the potential in our life and naturally find ourselves following this potential. 

Our programs

We offer various initiation programs and work both with groups and one to one. Our main offerings are twofold – 21 day mindfulness challenge that we run via online groups. Its works on a buddy system so that you can give and receive support and also be witnessed in your process.  Our second offering is a one on one initiation where you check in with us on a weekly basis as we move through a weekly developmental program designed to stimulate growth in the areas of  your life  that are most in need of your attention.  

* We set the practices and encourage participants to do much of their own self work. In the event one needs additional support, we offer coaching  most suited to the challenge/ issue at hand. We use tools like Enneagram, Family constellations, Somatic work, Byron Katie and other transpersonal methods to support our clients in their processes. You are never to old to undergo an initiation!  We also cater for  transitional initiations for adolescents finding their way into adulthood. 


Touch base with us to find out more

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