Beyond reserves

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The really important bit is that we also filter out our pain, not acknowledging how we are being effected by people and situations. Instead relying on our defenses and coping to keep us going. Keep us going they do but often to the detriment of people we care about and perhaps more importantly our relationship with ourselves, who we are and whats most important to us.

Helen Palmer’s essential practice:

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To stay with one thing (like the breath) only until you receive impressions. If you relax down in the body, you can find a place where you can be carried by the breath. Your whole job is to do nothing. Be carried, in and down. Our choice to come back to the empty place inside ourselves and be open to nothing at all which opens an interior space of silence. Its a short road to intuition.

Spring Medicine Dance

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This was the alter we created from our last Jozi Medicine Dance. We come together and create a circle of support to allow dancers to give themselves back to the dance inside.  All it takes is simple surrender to trust and follow the movements  in the body. When the dance is said and done, the […]