“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

Every month we offer a ceremonial dance where we gather around for 3 rounds of movement, starting with light warm up followed by the elemental rounds where we reconnect with Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The intention is to give ourselves back to the intelligence of the body and deepen our discovery of who we are and what our purpose is. Here we can be moved by the medicine and spirit so that we can receive the insight and healing we may need.

When we meet the dance like this – giving ourselves back to the natural intelligence inside us, we start allowing a quality of movement that is untainted by the fears and desires of the ego. We can find movements that we have been longing to make and all of a sudden there they are moving through us without any effort what so ever on our part. What could feel as good as being in sync with these inner movements and giving them some space to breathe! Even though we can traverse sometimes rocky terrain, with persistence and focus we are sure to emerge on the other side in the lightness of being.

When we allow ourselves, step by step to enter this quality of movement, we can experience such release. It’s as if all the ways we’ve been holding ourselves together can just relax and what is left if how we actually are – what is present with us. There we can find authenticity in our dance – not the way we want it to be but instead meeting the truth of our experience.

The first step is always to include these experiences of ego allow movement to grow from there. We say Yes to all we find inside us and like water, we learn to flow with whatever wants to move in us. As we acknowledge our humanity so too can we move beyond it and find ourselves in place of absolute freedom.

One participant told us after their dance, “so good to get the ‘crap’ out!” – rough translation from Afrikaans but you get the picture. We can feel lighter and more available to what life is calling us toward – you might say the central sun, where we remember who we really are and what we came here to do!

Meeting truth like this means being present in the body so that we can experience the fire in our bellies, the emotional waters of the heart, the breath of life and the earth underneath our feet. All this connecting us to the deep knowing that we are loved and that we belong. From here we take our direction from the centre of our own circle. What awaits us there only we can dream.