What is a Sweat lodge ?

The Sweat lodge is a magical place that draws us back to the womb of the earth. Here we find ourselves in remembrance with all life.

By way of shamanic journeying, we connect with our ancestors and the mystery of life. The process helps us find our belonging in our families, societies and with life as a whole. We remember what is most important and let go of what no longer serves us. 

The sweat lodge consists of four rounds, each honouring an element. We open and close with prayer although it is a secular space so you are free to express your spirituality in your own way. The rounds consist of meditation, song and sharing.

Our hearts sing as we discover our prayers and deepen our relationship with what is most important in our lives.  

The invitation 

The Sweat lodge is a journey, where we come together in prayer, song and silence to remember the life inside, our heartbeat much like the drum beat.  Regardless of what you have been through and whatever shape you find yourself in,  the process invites acceptance of life as it is. 

We can acknowledge the ways that Spirit is weaving beauty in our lives and cultivate gratitude for this precious gift. When we enter the womb of the earth, which the sweat lodge represents in many traditions, we humble ourselves to remember this force inside that can guide us to the movements in our lives that our souls are calling for. 

The steam from the grandmother stones helps us to open our hearts and minds to the blessing of life and to acknowledge our responsibility to embrace our path. Only one chance to be the people we are, lets show up and make a difference, for ourselves and all life!

Our Sweat lodge offerings:  
  • Open groups – Mixed lodges as well as separate  Womens and Mens lodges at our home in Highlands north. 
  •  Closed groups – we hold lodges for private groups.  
  •  We also facilitate Sweat lodges at other venues on request.