Such an incredible journey of deep introspection

I am doing very well thank you. Iโ€™ve spent the past few days processing and gathering my thoughts and emotions after the ceremony. It was such an incredible journey of deep introspection, a different level of understanding, learning and unlearning. It is really hard to put into words. Truly life changing to say the least.… Read more “Such an incredible journey of deep introspection”

Ceremony participant

Integrative breathwork (based on Holotropic method)

I recently attended an Integrative Breathwork session held by Heidi, Ryan and Leeane and cannot recommend it enough.I am very discerning and picky about who I work with when it comes to altered states and transpersonal healing work as I have had bad experiences in the past- but I felt so deeply held in this… Read more “Integrative breathwork (based on Holotropic method)”

Nirushka on our 7 week initiation program

I had been to many psychologists, leaving many sessions feeling like I had invested so much time and money and still feeling like I had achieved nothing in trying to overcome my depression and anxiety. I had often felt the sessions to be cold and impersonal. The antidepressants were cutting me off from my own… Read more “Nirushka on our 7 week initiation program”

Nirushka Kollopen

Restoring our faith – Elemental dance

Just wanted to say thank you to you and Leeane for restoring our faith in plant medicine (amongst many other things).

Desire Smit

Still in awe of my insight from the family constellation

Still in awe of my insight from the family constellation at the skyfest! It was and still is mind boggling! The accuracy with which my situation was laid out in front of my eyes by strangers has made it so clear what really is going on and the gentle guidance by the facilitators was the… Read more “Still in awe of my insight from the family constellation”

Tatjana Hayward

Delicacy is the best word to describe the work

I have been so blessed to have crossed paths with JourneyWork, and have done a fair amount of work with both Leeane and Ryan in the last few years.
I first met these two sincere human beings when I came for my first sweat lodge – and I totally fell in the Love with… Read more “Delicacy is the best word to describe the work”

Nena Bean

Highly recommend

Amazing family constellation work. Would highly recommend. Thank you Leeane and Ryan๐Ÿ™

Krinell Govender

blessed experience

Wow… so honoured and privileged to have such a blessed experience with two of the most amazing souls! Highly recommend JourneyWork!
Bless bless bless ! ๐Ÿ˜€

Taylor Reed

Profoundly healing

do your soul a favour and come to this sacred dance. Profoundly healing.

Dakini Shima, Tantra Teacher

truly magical experience

This was a truly magical experience. It felt, as I moved into the week, that I was still dancing the elements, still kicking up dust, still under the trees! To be held in this sacred circle by Ryan and Leeane, Amanda and Willem and everyone present was such a blessing. I loved dancing with the… Read more “truly magical experience”

Wendy Ward