Seeds want to become plants, its the natural way.

we follow this inclination in people too

Deep in our hearts is the desire to take the ultimate journey, the hero’s journey – to drop into our lives and see what we are really made of. Our purpose is to support this movement in our clients, an ever deepening surrender to the truth the soul, to walk the path of the heart and to use the intelligence of the mind.

We are passionate about bringing people together to discover how we can heal in supportive community. We are after all, medicine for each other!

Sweat lodge

How do we make space for this hero in us ? one way is to challenge ourselves, to find our edges and move through. We approach all our work with a kind attention. Force is often counter productive, but curiosity can take anyone all the way through.

The self-work can be a creative act when we embrace ourselves with compassion, and when we have maps on hand that help us to understand and navigate the territory we find ourselves in. Our main offerings include Sweat lodge, the Enneagram, Family constellations and Ecstatic dance/ movement. 

People sometime say it’s like falling apart in our back garden. That’s the essence of the ceremonial work we offer. Feel at home so you can let yourself go a little more and come back together in more harmonious ways. We hold a safe and supportive space for our participants to do their Spiritual and Psychological work.

We offer group and individual work. Find out more below.

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