We all need to let go sometimes.  When we do so in a safe and supportive setting,  we come back together in ways that help us feel much better in our own skin.

We help our clients find and make the movements in the soul by way of shamanic journeys,  integrating shamanism and indigenous practices with the best of western psychology.
Using various shamanic tools and psychological maps we support our clients to achieve their personal aspirations while navigating the challenges and obstacles  along the way.
Our main offerings include Sweat lodgesShamanic journeysEnneagram system of personality, Family constellations and Ecstatic dance/ movement.

express yourself just as you are

we open ceremonial space  for our clients to receive insight and release what isn’t supporting them any longer. 

Our offering

Sweat lodge

The Sweat lodge is a magical place that draws us back to the womb of the earth.

Here we find ourselves in remembrance with all life. There are 4 rounds with rest in between each. The lodge is an opportunity for a deep cleanse and reset. We open to insight that moves us towards what is most important in our lives. 


The Enneagram brings awareness to the patterns of behaviour that sub‐consciously drive and motivate us to act in certain ways.

We use the Enneagram as a key tool in virtually all aspects of our work. We offer Enneagram coaching for individuals as well as group trainings. Its an invaluable tool for relationships and self development. 

Elemental Movement

Ceremonial dance is way of giving ourselves back to the intelligence of the body so we can allow a natural movement to unfold. We use the elements to inspire the dance.  It is an opportunity to let go a little and be curious about what is inside that needs movement. For example, you might have anger, sadness or fear that can be given to the dance. In doing so we move though our challenges and find relief and a fresh perspective on the other side.  

Family constellatons

Family constellations is psychotherapy that treats body, mind and emotions through the soul. Combination of Native American and African Magical Arts: Sacred Drumming, Power Animals, Energy Cleansing, Smudging, Songs and Teacher Plants with Bert Hellinger’s Systemic Philosophy.

What our clients say

truly magical experience

This was a truly magical experience. It felt, as I moved into the week, that I was still dancing the elements, still kicking up dust, still under the trees! To be held in this sacred circle by Ryan and Leeane, Amanda and Willem and everyone present was such a blessing. I loved dancing with the medicine.

Wendy Ward

Profoundly healing

do your soul a favour and come to this sacred dance. Profoundly healing.

Dakini Shima, Tantra Teacher

blessed experience

Wow… so honoured and privileged to have such a blessed experience with two of the most amazing souls! Highly recommend JourneyWork!
Bless bless bless ! 😀

Taylor Reed

Highly recommend

Amazing family constellation work. Would highly recommend. Thank you Leeane and Ryan🙏

Krinell Govender

Delicacy is the best word to describe the work

I have been so blessed to have crossed paths with JourneyWork, and have done a fair amount of work with both Leeane and Ryan in the last few years.
I first met these two sincere human beings when I came for my first sweat lodge – and I totally fell in the Love with the way they work with so much integrity, support and compassion.
I recently did a private constellation with Leeane – DELICACY is the best word to describe the work Leeane did with me. It was a sensitive topic, a deep wound, and Leeane held both me and the Space with such gentleness. It allowed me to go deeper into my process around that particular wound than I’ve ever been able to do.
I feel we are all very honoured to have Ryan and Leeane doing this Work on our Beloved Planet at this time ♡

Nena Bean

Still in awe of my insight from the family constellation

Still in awe of my insight from the family constellation at the skyfest! It was and still is mind boggling! The accuracy with which my situation was laid out in front of my eyes by strangers has made it so clear what really is going on and the gentle guidance by the facilitators was the healing touch I was yearning for. Thanks so much!!

Tatjana Hayward

Restoring our faith – Elemental dance

Just wanted to say thank you to you and Leeane for restoring our faith in plant medicine (amongst many other things).

Desire Smit

Nirushka on our 7 week initiation program

I had been to many psychologists, leaving many sessions feeling like I had invested so much time and money and still feeling like I had achieved nothing in trying to overcome my depression and anxiety. I had often felt the sessions to be cold and impersonal. The antidepressants were cutting me off from my own emotions and left me feeling subdued, mechanical and lifeless.

Ryan and Leeane offered me more than just help with my anxiety and depression. They offered me a lifestyle and led me towards myself and my own inner guidance. They really took the time and tenderness to find out who I am as an individual and the core of my essence. I don’t think I have met any 2 human beings so giving of their love and support. They have been absolutely dedicated in their purpose to be a catalyst for healing.

For 7 weeks working with them, I felt an outstanding amount of support and compassion from Ryan and Leeane as I weaned off my medication. For the first time I had felt understood and treasured as they guided me out of fear and despair.

9 Weeks on and I feel like I understand myself better, with clearer insight into my patterns of conditioning and a full sense of responsibility over my life. They have given me tools that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

Thank you Ryan and Leeane for all you do and the massive amount of support and love you’ve shown me. I will treasure this experience for a lifetime.


Nirushka Kollopen

Integrative breathwork (based on Holotropic method)

I recently attended an Integrative Breathwork session held by Heidi, Ryan and Leeane and cannot recommend it enough.I am very discerning and picky about who I work with when it comes to altered states and transpersonal healing work as I have had bad experiences in the past- but I felt so deeply held in this space. The three have an effortless synergy and they collaborated beautifully to create a solid and skillful container where I felt safe enough to go very deep.

Each one of them brought forth their gifts in a way that supported the journey and connected to the offerings of the others. I left the experience feeling very clear, heart centered and connected to my self and was able to bring this energy into all of my connections in the following weeks. If I lived in Johannesburg, I would be a regular attendee of this magic offering 💚🙏

Skye Cielita Flor

Such an incredible journey of deep introspection

I am doing very well thank you. I’ve spent the past few days processing and gathering my thoughts and emotions after the ceremony.

It was such an incredible journey of deep introspection, a different level of understanding, learning and unlearning. It is really hard to put into words. Truly life changing to say the least. I have already noticed a profound an immediate shift that it has had on me and the way in which I now see the world. All in a very positive light.

I want to say a huge thank you to both you and Leeane for your dedication and commitment to bettering the lives of others. The care that you took in creating the safe environment in which to explore this opportunity is so much appreciated. I feel like I have such scratched the surface and am looking forward to taking a deeper dive into this world.

Ceremony participant

Tears of relief

Thank you from my heart for an awesome experience ❣️Coming down the mountain tears were streaming down my face, not tears of sadness, no, tears of relief. Deidre


Amazed at the level of hidden dynamics that this process manage to reveal

Dear Ryan and Leanne

Again, I have to offer my deepest appreciation and thank you for the work that you do.

With all your workshops/ceremonies, there is an element of surprise, as none are the same, and every time I undergo a deeper shift in my spiritual growth.

The Constellations work you do is extremely powerful, and I’m amazed at the level of hidden dynamics that this process manage to reveal.

I’ve grown more spiritually in the last year with your assistance than what I have managed to do with other modalities over a period of twenty years and longer.

I am deeply grateful.

Hanlie Jamneck

Gently and with a lot care they managed to help me find solid ground in the middle

Gratitude towards Ryan and Leeane for the amazing work they do with their constellation therapy.
Each one of us is in some form of struggle with an internal war. The polarity between opposites like: wants and needs, known past and unknown future or responsibilities and freedom cause a lot of discomfort and waste so much energy. Gently and with a lot care they managed to help me find solid ground in the middle . A place of peace from where I can move forward into a more purposeful journey.

Maryke van der Walt

Wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and Leanne for Constellation Work

I can wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and Leanne for Constellation Work. They are Authentic and Professional and their work ethics are of the highest standard.  They create a space where you are welcome and safe and the results of their work speak for itself.




The Dance has forever changed the way that I Move in the World

The Dance has forever changed the way that I Move in the World.

Such an unassuming gathering that turned out to be one of the key events of my life…a massive shift, and gentle cracking open…I’m still experiencing the daily slow reveals.

Thank You Leeane and Ryan! Love, Candice:)

Candice Meyer

The universe smiled upon us 🙂

Hi guys, thinking about the whole day, the experience, the energy, and above all you guys! The universe smiled upon us 🙂 I’m very grateful for your guidance and the love you guys shined on our journey. The more I think about it the more I see it as an art what you do, it’s beautiful, and y’all are very good at it. Thanks again for this wonderful day. Lots of love Janne


Intuition and guidance they provide on this journey is truly unique

I can highly recommend the enneagram experience with Ryan and Leanne. Not only do they create a relaxed atmosphere in which the group is able to immerse themselves into the discovery process but the intuition and guidance they provide on this journey is truly unique.


What is life calling in you?