Instinctual drives & what they mean for our relationships

Each of us have a leading instinct that has a stronger pull than the remaining two. In other words, they are stackable - one can relatively easily identify strongest from weakest and sequence them accordingly.

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Helen Palmer’s essential practice:

To stay with one thing (like the breath) only until you receive impressions. If you relax down in the body, you can find a place where you can be carried by the breath. Your whole job is to do nothing. Be carried, in and down. Our choice to come back to the empty place inside ourselves and be open to nothing at all which opens an interior space of silence. Its a short road to intuition.


Two Types of Shame

On the subject of shame - dominant emotional undercurrent for Enneagram types 2 -3 - 4. These types develop around the need to be seen and valued and therefore tend to have shame as more of a focal point.