We unconsciously follow our ancestors, the forces of nature and the forces of the soul, which are guided by a Higher Force ≈ Great Spirit. Instead of being an automatic response mechanism, responding to the world based on unconscious rules, beliefs, fears, and limitations, Know thyself! Awake to who you truly are. Agree to your inner core, your divine spark, image of God, and you will live a good life!

Shamanic family constellations is psychotherapy that treats body, mind and emotions through the soul. Combination of Native American and African Magical Arts: Sacred Drumming, Power Animals, Energy Cleansing, Smudging, Songs and Teacher Plants with Bert Hellinger’s Systemic Philosophy.

Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations.


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