Delicacy is the best word to describe the work

I have been so blessed to have crossed paths with JourneyWork, and have done a fair amount of work with both Leeane and Ryan in the last few years.
I first met these two sincere human beings when I came for my first sweat lodge – and I totally fell in the Love with the way they work with so much integrity, support and compassion.
I recently did a private constellation with Leeane – DELICACY is the best word to describe the work Leeane did with me. It was a sensitive topic, a deep wound, and Leeane held both me and the Space with such gentleness. It allowed me to go deeper into my process around that particular wound than I’ve ever been able to do.
I feel we are all very honoured to have Ryan and Leeane doing this Work on our Beloved Planet at this time ♡