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Integrative breathwork (based on Holotropic method)

I recently attended an Integrative Breathwork session held by Heidi, Ryan and Leeane and cannot recommend it enough.I am very discerning and picky about who I work with when it comes to altered states and transpersonal healing work as I have had bad experiences in the past- but I felt so deeply held in this space. The three have an effortless synergy and they collaborated beautifully to create a solid and skillful container where I felt safe enough to go very deep.

Each one of them brought forth their gifts in a way that supported the journey and connected to the offerings of the others. I left the experience feeling very clear, heart centered and connected to my self and was able to bring this energy into all of my connections in the following weeks. If I lived in Johannesburg, I would be a regular attendee of this magic offering 💚🙏