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Nirushka on our 7 week initiation program

I had been to many psychologists, leaving many sessions feeling like I had invested so much time and money and still feeling like I had achieved nothing in trying to overcome my depression and anxiety. I had often felt the sessions to be cold and impersonal. The antidepressants were cutting me off from my own emotions and left me feeling subdued, mechanical and lifeless.

Ryan and Leeane offered me more than just help with my anxiety and depression. They offered me a lifestyle and led me towards myself and my own inner guidance. They really took the time and tenderness to find out who I am as an individual and the core of my essence. I don’t think I have met any 2 human beings so giving of their love and support. They have been absolutely dedicated in their purpose to be a catalyst for healing.

For 7 weeks working with them, I felt an outstanding amount of support and compassion from Ryan and Leeane as I weaned off my medication. For the first time I had felt understood and treasured as they guided me out of fear and despair.

9 Weeks on and I feel like I understand myself better, with clearer insight into my patterns of conditioning and a full sense of responsibility over my life. They have given me tools that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

Thank you Ryan and Leeane for all you do and the massive amount of support and love you’ve shown me. I will treasure this experience for a lifetime.